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House of Hope
House of Grace
Scholarship Program

House of Hope was founded in 1996 to house minority hilltribe children who come from broken and troubled families with parents who are affected by drugs and HIV. There are currently 23 children in House of Hope. Many of these children were found neglected by their biological parents who left them without proper love and care. YCF work together with the local communities to find a home for these children in House of Hope.

YCF believes that each child should have a chance to pursue higher education. By being equipped with knowledge and skills beyond high school, the child will be empowered to break the chain of poverty with better employment opportunities. We believe that as each child is blessed that they, in turn, will contribute positively to their community. The scholarship program covers tuition fees and living costs.

  • Local Universities  (Degree)

    • Chiang Mai Rajabhat

    • Chiang Rai Rajabhat

    • Mae Fah Luang University

  • Vocational College

  • Bible School 

House of Grace , also known as Kasalong, was opened in 2003. As of today, there are 18 children living in House of Grace. These children come from poor families living in remote villages of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. This places them at positions that denies them of gaining proper education.


At House of Grace, the children are placed in schools that provide better education. These children are also taught life skills through daily activities.

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