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1. Where do the children come from?

Our children are mostly referred by local village partners who have identified the children who are at risk. Majority of the children under our care come from the various ethnic minority groups- Lahu, Ahka, Hmong, Lisu, Tai Yai, and Karen hill tribe groups. The children's villages are in the province of Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai,Mae Hong Son and Tak. After being referred, a background check will be carried out before approving of the intake of the child. 



2. Why do the children need to come here?

There is a high prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS and drug abusers in Northern Thailand , especially amongst the hill tribe people groups. This leads to a rise in numbers of the mortality and morbidity rates, as the epedemic spreads due to reasons of hill tribe people lacking proper education and awareness of prevention. Many young children are placed in vulnerable positions, having to suffer from their parent's addicition and sickness. This causes families to break down, where many parents divorce and abandon their children. HIV/AIDS and drugs are contributing factors to many children being left homeless, abused and forsaken. So these children need a place where they will be protected, given the chance to live out to their full potential, and to shower them with the much needed love and care to guide them through their crucial development growth stages. 



3. What happens after a child leaves the home?

Our hope for each child, after they have completed their studies is for them to step out independently and confidently into society, where they will be able to secure jobs to ensure their own financial wellbeing. The child that leaves will still be closely monitored with regular visitations, just to make sure that they are well. Children with parents or relatives will return home to be with their families. At YCF, we value the importance of families, therefore if the child has any surving parents, siblings or relatives, we highly encouarge the child to head home to them. 



4. How can I get involved?

There are many ways that you can get involved. You can sponsor a child or donate to the works by giving a love gift. We are in constant need of assistance and funding, this allows for the continuation of the works of YCF.  






Do you have any other questions? Want to know more about the works at YCF?


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