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Tasnee Nakeeree worked in the Public Health Sector with minority hill tribe groups who were badly affected by drugs and HIV/AIDS. Her many years of experience working with minority hill tribe groups brought her attention to the the disorder that came along with the use of drugs among the various hill tribe groups. Tasnee saw the need to care for and assist the children who were left abandoned and ignored from disrupted and broken families, affected by drugs and HIV/AIDS.


She has since, dedicated the last nineteen years to loving each child who has entered House of Hope and House of Grace. With her big heart, wisdom, and passion to help others, she hopes that many lives will be transformed. Her desire is to see that each child that comes in will go out one day, to be a person who will be able to positively influence and give back to society. 


     "Each child is unique, they are blessings from God. These children will grow up to do great things in their lives"

  Tasnee Nakeeree    

Director, Youth Charity Foundation

Our People

Meet our Staff

Having a servant’s heart means to not only put other’s needs ahead of our own, but to serve with the right motivation. We thank God that we have been blessed by these people, as they dedicate their lives to serve humbly and whole-heartedly at Youth Charity Foundation.

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Solomon embodies a whole lot of energy, he loves playing the keyboard and is passionate about singing. 


He enjoys teaching and taking care of the children, as he values the importance of educating the younger ones to his best ability. Never one to be shy, Solomon is full of life and he loves sharing a conversation and always injects so much joy.

Phanida is a sweet soul who is not just gentle with her words but also with her love for the children. 

She has the sweetest smile and a big heart.  Phanida is a good cook as she cooks to fill the tummies of the children every meal. Behind her sweet demeanor is a strong and firm lady. 

Jiradet is a diligent young man who has the desire to work with young lives by inspiring them to study hard for a better future.

He loves the outdoors and has a passion in studying and learning the English language and will always be glad to have a chat. He has a very interesting English name, ask him and he will be more than happy to tell you about it. 


Ku is a diligent worker who never fails to put the needs of others’ before hers. She cooks the most delicious Pad Thai!


It comes naturally for her to love and take care of the children's needs. She may be small in size, but she is big in spirit. Always one to be fast on her toes, be sure to catch her around the foundation.


Seksan holds a degree in Psychology and his desire is to serve the youths in our home guiding and mentoring the younger ones. 

Seksan helps with the foundation's accounts, but can you tell that he also enjoys playing the bass and has a great love for football.

Boonchuay is such a gem, not only does he drive the children to and fro from school daily, he is also a proficient handy man. 


He is such a big help around the house as he uses his carpenting skills to make furniture. His hobbies are to rear chickens and to take on DIY projects. He cooks the most delicious fried eggs!

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