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Fund-Raising Projects

At YCF we enjoy making beautiful things, we also encourage our children to dance on the ripples of creativity and encourage them to keep the spirit of DIY afloat. We find things around our home, in our very own backyard to produce these special products to raise funds for our works in YCF. 

Our Products are all 100% Handmade with Love ♡
Wooden Coconut Keychain
1 for 30 Baht

The wooden coconut keychains are handmade by our children. With a wooden head and a well polished coconut body (yes the coconut comes from our coconut trees at the foundation), the keychain is completed with the name-initials of the child who did it. 


These keychains makes a good gift for any occasion be it for a friend, as a door gift for events or even to hang on your keys and bags. We are able to custom make and carve according to your preferred wordings. Bulk orders are also available.


Email us at

to enquire or to place your order.  



   Help us by making a purchase.

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Email us at to indicate your interest to help us in our fundraising efforts, or should you want to purcahse any of our items. We will respond upon recieving your email. All the money raised from the sale of our fund-raising products will be used well for the children in our homes.












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