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Ori's Story

Achieving her Goals


Ori beaming sweetly for a picture, during her university days. 


Ori when she was 6 years old, she was a very cheerful child who was never without a smile across her face. 



Ori graduated from Mae Fah Luang University with a degree in Law. 

My name is Ori, I am from the Karen-Lahu hill tribe. I have 6 siblings. My father lost his life to drugs and my mother had to take on the role of being the sole breadwinner of the family and was left to take care of the children. My family was very poor and my brothers and sisters did not have the opportunity to go to school to study. I want to thank God for His Grace that was shown to me through the opportunity to study, with the help of House of Hope. House of Hope helped to put me through school from elementary school all the way to university.  This is the most special present that was given to me in my life.


The love that House of Hope has given to me is a love that is like what a mother gives to her child. The love that Tasnee have for the children and me has allowed me to love every one in the home as my brothers and sisters. I have brothers and sisters to take care of, friends to play with, older brothers and sisters who would take care of me and give words of advice and encouragement.


From being an aggressive child to someone who is now much more humble, calm and cheerful, House of Hope has taught me how to be a better person. It has provided me with meals so that I do not have to go on an empty stomach, a place with a warm bed to sleep and rest my head, and an opportunity to gain good education.


I think that having a purpose in our lives allows us to know what we are living for and for whom we are living for. Life is like a journey and we are all travellers. Life is not a bed of roses. On this journey of life, there will be painful lessons that will test our faith. Therefore, there is a need to set goals in our lives so that it will spur us on, towards our final destination.


I have set a few goals in my life. Firstly, I want to take on the responsibility of being a good child, as I want to be a useful person in society so as not to bring trouble upon my mother. Secondly, I want to take my education seriously and find a steady job so as to have a stable support for my family and myself. An inspiration came to mind, during the time when Tasnee and Tochiko spoke to the children about their hope for the children. Their hope for the children is that they would have a better future – to be a person who is of use to the society. They often reiterated that we have to give back to our community and help others in need. I have kept all these words in my heart. As I grew older, I finally understood the meaning of what they had said. All these while I had received so many opportunities, and now I am ready to give back.


All my goals that were previously centred on my family changed to include the people from my tribe, who are like my extended family. I worry about how I would be able to help them as I felt that I was not capable enough.  That  was a starting point, which led to me constantly working on myself to be a better person. Now, I am a volunteer lawyer at the law advisory clinic at Songyang Hospital in the province of Taak.


I wanted to change myself because I see that the Karen community as myself. I am able to communicate with them in the Karen language. They are often faced with problems, such as the lack of identity and citizenship; they do not even have any form of identification. My colleagues and I have the responsibility of helping to check the status of these minority tribes and educating them with regards to their rights, many of whom do not have any idea of the rights that are given to them. From where I stand, I have met with both joy and heartaches but I still thank God for answering my prayers.


I pray that I will meet with difficulties, because I know that through the difficult times it allows for more ways to prove my worth, abilities, and help me to grow as a better lawyer. I am convinced that I will be a lawyer that will be able to help others who are in need. I want to thank House of Hope, Youth Charity Foundation, Tasnee, Tochiko, and all those who have played a part in helping me. You have made a difference in my life and helped me to see the joy and purposes in my life.


God bless you.




Ori, also known affectionately as Mee (which means bear), graduated from the School of Law at Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai. She is currently working at a law advisory clinic in the hospital of Songyang, Taak to educate the minority hill tribes (women and young children) of their rights. Her little pleasure in life is listening to good music on Youtube. She is now a proud mother of a  sweet little boy. 

All images, courtesy of Ori. 

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